After the pandemic

Our community is thanking the people that put their lives at risk of Covid-19 with a medal

Gallery of lockdown

nurse in care home with medal
Lateral flow test

How to Donate

Donations are through a charity to avoid any lost. As such it is through Lancaster Green Spaces which is permitted to do this and its trustees are happy with it.

Currently you can click on the charities aid foundation (called CAF) website and  find out more about Lancaster Green Spaces.  

Nursing home nurse

Who might deserve the medals?

People that have put their lives at risk from covid-19 whereas the person that was helped was to a much lesser extent at risk. 

Clearly the medical, nursing, GP and specific workers (like vaccinators)

Ones that kept things going during the lockdown: supermarket workers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, paramedics

Face to face social workers, nursing home staff, those that picked up your rubbish weekly, and other specific utilities.  Food banks. 

If you think of groups that deserve a medal go to the blog site above and send us your ideas 

When will the giving out of medals all Start?

I wish we all knew when the difficulties with Covid-19 will wane completely.  But probably in before the end of October most will be gone.  Will people just start again as new? One thing is true: Surely we must not forget what it was like, and we must be able to tell our children and not forget the pandemic.  So a medal even lying in a drawer will mean a lot.   Medals will be given out at a meeting to individuals and major representatives of the people that took risks for themselves



Many people have sponsored the medals because they are proud of what you have done during the pandemic.  You have put your life on the line.  So the medals are free.  What you can do is to keep it to recall just how awful this period was and explain to further people in the future.  If you can think of people that should be thanked then get donate on this web site and tell us on the blog at the top of this page.  Try to wear the medal if not at work then at some other times to thank the people that were proud of you.


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