Blog posts for people here at Pandemic Medals from the Community.

The most useful messages are about who you think should receive a medal, or which group (e.g. nurses, bus drivers etc).

By Steve Dealler

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  1. Write your message here after the last message number above. I think that nurses and doctors deserve thank
  2. Wouldn’t taxi drivers deserve a medal as they really were found to be at risk?

12 thoughts on “Blog posts for people here at Pandemic Medals from the Community.”

  1. I think community home carers deserve a medal. I have two home care workers that have worked all through the pandemic covering every night shift, 7 nights a week looking after my daughter that was shielding and vunerable due to been on a ventilator as well as numerous other health conditions. They put their own lives at risk when unfortunately both me and my daughter got covid at the same time but still never left us without care and covered every shift between the 2 of them, they never got any recognition from their agency but always put me and my family before themselves regardless of the risk to their own lives.

  2. Everyone seems to forget home care workers who have been travelling round the community supporting individuals in their own homes through the pandemic.

    My amazing care team put themselves at risk throughout the whole pandemic making sure people were safe and cared for. They have been truly amazing.

  3. I think that Lancashire County Council’s entire North Social Work team deserve medals. They worked so hard the whole way through the pandemic, visiting potentially at risk children and making sure they were safe, whilst not knowing whether they would catch covid. They have risen to this additional challenge alongside an already busy and difficult job and have shown how dedicated and caring they are.

  4. I would like the three girls at Rowlands Pharmacy to receive a medal, Alison, Gail and Sandra, they worked tirelessly throughout 2020, with a smile on their faces (well behind the masks!). Staff that worked in all the Chemists worked so hard.

  5. Our local radio station, Beyond Radio, I feel should get some recognition. They are run entirely by volunteers and managed to keep going, playing music and informing the local area with the latest information despite the lockdowns. As they’re a not-for-profit organisation they have been vital to our local area and helping to support people.

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